Music Production, Musical composition, Sound Design
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Draftsman Daze is offering complex audio solutions starting from music production, composition and sound design to holding workshops and lectures.
We offer commission like approach and ready music and sound products. 
Years of experience in commerce productions and passionate underground music are the land mark of Kacper Graczyk sound and musical approach.

Recent Projects
Music for Mindses Mobile App
Mindses. Mindfulness, Meditation Music

One of our latest products was music and sounds for Mindses.
Mindses is a mobile app and a music label focused on boosting meditation or learning skills  by listening to carefully produced mindfulness music and sounds.

This project was demanding because of the character of the music and sound needed for such purpose. The peacefully listening, the meditation are very delicate issues. You take high responsibility for well-being of the listeners, so you need to use best known practices and dive deep into relaxing attributes of sound. Long research was done before writing the music and sculpting the sound. It was very important to craft and sculpt the sounds in the best possible way, to analyze all the aspects of the used harmony and sonority interactions between the elements of the composition.

Music and sound design for video
WOLSUNG Steampunk Skirmish Game

For Wolsung commission from Micro Art Studio we prepared  sound design including two logo animation and the composition of background music. The music and sound design was prepared for ready video montage and recorded lector. This form of composition is quite a challenge. Normally the whole video montage process is made to the rhythm of background music. In our case we needed to “extract” the natural rhythm of the video and the lector reading to give impression of flawless narration.   

Music and sound design for teaser
Die and Become / Zgiń i znów się przemień

Modern art is using very specific and complex language. When sound designing and composing sounds for exhibition teasers you need to keep it in mind. It is really important that the teasers sounds will glue with the visuals and that the sound does not over lay the main purpose of the video – advertisement and information. Only people that are craftsmen and artists, people interested in art are able to find the right proportions.

Music and sound design for teaser
Gdańsk DocFilm Festival

When you compose music for teasers you need to build short term dramaturgy  but you also need to think of the main subject of the advertising. It is important that the music corresponds with the theme of the event, film you are presenting to the potential participating people. Here you can see what we have prepared for “Gdańsk DOC FESTIVAL”  – Documentary Film Festival.